Apogia Luxury Apartment

Hotel Near Thermal Baths Grado

Take care of your body at the thermal baths of Grado

Your aparthotel near the thermal baths of Grado is waiting for you.

Thanks to the offer of Apogia Hotels Group, that join together some of the best accommodations in Italy and France to provide you a unique and unforgettable holiday experience, you will enjoy all the comforts and the services that Grado, known also with the name of “Isle of Sun”, because of its position always enlightened by the sun light during the whole day, is able to provide.  

The thermal baths of Grado, already known by as burg family, in the 19th century, are the ideal place where to relax after an intense time of work, and also the right place where to take care of your body and soul and to nurse some illnesses like pharyngitis, bronchitis and much more. 

Thanks to the healthy features of the water of the sea, of the sun and of the air of Grado, you will take care of your body and benefit an élite treatment in the Touring and Villa D’Este hotels, part of the Group.

In addition, you will always be welcome by a warm and professional team; you will always find high quality food in the local restaurants and you will always find equipped beaches, to lie down and to have healthy sand baths.