Apogia Luxury Apartment

4 Star Hotels Near Venice Italy

Your 4 stars in front of the sea

With its many 4 stars hotels near Venice, Italy, and in the main sea cities in the north of Italy, Apogia Hotels Group provide you high quality standards, in order to ensure you a pleasant and exciting sojourn, immersed in the nature and right in front of the sea.

At the Astoria Hotel, for example, you will live your entire holidays right on the Adriatic Sea, you will lie down on the private beach and you taste the best food in the restaurant, that serves Italian and international dishes.

At the San Giorgio, you will also find a big swimming pool where to refresh yourself, to train and to entertain your children in the small swimming pool, designed to give fun to kids.

From this swimming pool, you will enjoy a stunning view on the lagoon of Venice, that will provide you unforgettable sunrises and sunsets.

Cuddled by a professional team, always ready to satisfy your requests every single moment of the day in the beautiful Caorle, that inspired many writers, like Ernest Hemingway and that nowadays calls thousands of tourists from all over the world, you will pass the holidays you are dreaming of in wide rooms, finely furnished.

Book now your stay at one of the best 4 hotels in Caorle, Italy and experience luxury!