Apogia Luxury Apartment

3 Star Hotels Near Venice Italy

Your 3 stars on the beach of Caorle

The beach of Caorle is waiting for you in its 3 stars hotels near Venice, Italy, part of the Apogia Hotels Group. At Karinzia, right on the white and sandy beach of the city, you will certainly breathe air of holidays.

Every single morning, every afternoon and night, by the window of your elegant and well equipped room you will look at the sea.

You will immerse in a clear and crystal sea, many times honoured with the title of “Bandiera Blu” (blue flag), because of its clean water.

You can explore the city and learn the reason why many important names of the history, like for example Hemingway or Pope John XXIII, every year choose Caorle as destination of their holidays.

You will relax under the sun, practice sports, go for long walks and runs on the streets and in the nature of the city.

Everything you want to do during summer, Caorle will let you do it. And the Karinzia Hotel will be your starting point, but also your shelter far from the stress and the daily frenzy. Cuddled by a team always ready to satisfy your requests, and surrounded by a serene atmosphere, you will pass a unique and unforgettable weekend, a week or a whole summer.

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