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Family Deals Beach Holiday Italy

The best deals for your family holiday

Have you already looked at the beach holiday deals in Italy for you and your family provided by Apogia Hotels Group?

Thanks to the wide offer in different destinations on the Adriatic Sea, the Group provides you many hotels on the beach where to pass your summer with your children at a very low budget.

An example? Book now your family holiday on the beach in Italy and benefit from the deals: 2 adults will pay, but your kid will stay with you for free. The entire sojourn of your child is offered by Apogia Hotels Group.

In addition, checking in one of the hotels of the Group, a wonderful surprise and a special welcome will make your kid happy. Together with your family you will reach your family room, elegant and equipped in order to give you the right space and to let you enjoy your stay safely.

And every time your kid wants, he will join the miniclub and play with other children, always under the control of the staff and the parents.

In addition again, if you want to pass some time together, you can rent a bike in some of the hotels of the Group and browse in the city center to discover all the hidden treasures.

To adults and children, Apogia with its hotel will always give everything you both need to turn your holiday into an emotional experience.